Each registered child will be expected to attend classes on a regular basis. Please do not bring your child if he/she is ill. And please notify the school if it is known that the child will miss more than one lesson in sequence. Please be prompt in arrival and departure and do not bring the child more than 10 minutes prior to the dancer’s actual class time.

Snow Policy

When roads are deemed to be hazardous for travel, please do not attempt to bring your child to class. This studio will follow the local school closings. If you have doubts please call the director.


Showcases will be held each year in the month of December and in May. All dancers will appear in at least one dance and responsible for appropriate dance wear. Regular dance class attendance and rehersals are required for dancers to participate in the Showcase.


Costumes are ordered for our annual recital from professional costume makers. Costumes must be paid for in advance prior to January 31st. Approximate cost of costumes will be $60 o $100 each for December Showcase and $60-$100 each for the May Showcase. Costume costs are non-refundable.