Dance Attire


Dancers will be required to wear solid leotards to dance class. We recommend short sleeves or tank style for warm weather and long sleeves for colder weather. Dance skirts may be worn over leotards. NO PANTS, SHORTS, BAGGY OVERSHIRTS OR COVERUPS will be permitted.


Dancers must wear tights during dance class. Tights help with circulation, muscle tone, and help to prevent dance injuries.



Pink only, (full or split sole). Ballet shoes should fit snugly with toes near the end of the slipper. Elastic should be attached between the area of the ankle and the instep.


Tan or black low heeled tap shoes (with buckle strap or ties) required for dancers


Black oxford jazz shoes with either full or split soles may be worn for this class.


Only for advanced dancers that have attended the Pre-Pointe summer classes. Students are considered for Pointe at the age of 10, but must demonstrate strong ankle and upper body strength before being admitted to the program.

Please put the dancer’s name in each piece of dance wear!